Jul 10, 2014

Teddy Bear meet best friend viral video

Well most of the teddy bear lovers might have already seen this video. I'm sharing this viral video of "Teddy bear meeting his best friend for the first time" for those who've not seen this video. This video with more than 10,00,000 views over internet got viral immediately. This video took a lots of planning for the would be parents and was an instant hit.

Please take a look at the video and you might also get an idea about creating a video about your teddy bear that might be as successful as this one.

Enjoy the video and keep visiting the blog.

Jul 9, 2014

Traveling with teddy bear dilemma – Can I take teddy bear with me on a flight

It’s a difficult many times to take a teddy bear or sort toy with you while you are traveling. Teddies and soft toys normally don’t fit in a suitcase. In case you’ve got a big suitcase even then the soft toys and teddies could consume most of the space and you might not pack all the necessary items you
People normally prefer to take teddy bear along with them while traveling as they make them feel comfortable. Also taking a lovely teddy gifted by someone you love a lot along, helps as you can hug the teddy when you miss your partner. However many times people are confused if they can carry a teddy bear with them to the flight as it might be counted as additional bag and thus should exceed the given quota for handbags. Same questions is asked by a girl at yahoo answers .

Most of the airlines will allow you to carry the teddy however it must not be too big and do not hold it in a bag or polythene etc. The check in staff can count it as additional bag and might not allow to you carry the SOFT toy as it happened with a small girl at Glasgow airport

Here are few things you need to consider:
  • Teddy bear or the soft toys should not be large in size.
  • Don’t pack them in bags, simply hold in hand to avoid soft toy being counted as additional baggage.
  • Call airlines staff and confirm from them in advance about the baggage guidelines
  • Get guidance from other travelers by posting your question at top travel portals. People who already have traveled with teddy bears can guide you better.    

Apr 24, 2014

Teddy Bear Love Story - Heart Breaking Love Story of a Teddy Bear

In this post I'm going to share a nice video about the love story of a teddy bear. This YouTube video is a nice demonstration of love by a teddy bear that most of us can relate to the teenage love of our life.

The video starts with the caption "My Love Story". And after that the teddy bear share how his life was initially. He was a study hard student with no fun in life and then he found a female teddy bear and fell in love with her. Life was exciting for both and they enjoyed a lot together. Talking over phone in late nights etc. But then one valentine day girl proposed someone else and our hero teddy bear was left heart broken.

Kindly take a look at the video, I hope you'll like this video:

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Apr 14, 2014

Most Expensive Teddy Bear Ever Sold - Luxury Teddy Bears

All of us must have purchased teddy bears a number of times in our lives. Sometimes we purchase a teddy bear for personal collection or to gift it to someone we love. Teddy bears sales are hit during various occasions like Christmas, Halloween, Flag Day. Even many times people purchase teddy bears for promotional purpose as well.

How much does a teddy bear costs you?  If I ask this question to you the answer would from few 100 bucks to maximum few thousand bucks. Non of us would have ever thought a teddy bear could cost higher than this amount. But let me surprise you here, like the luxury watches and luxury cars, the teddy bears also have a luxury section where the luxury teddy bears cost in millions. Yes I' right. There are many brand like Louis Vuitton, Harlequin etc that sell as high as $2 million and even more.

Please take a look at some of the most expensive teddy bears ever sold at this site.


Apr 1, 2014

Teddy Bear Political Party - Teddy Bear Election Sign

These days media across the globe is busy showing the news about upcoming elections in the largest democracy in the world. Yes I'm talking about the upcoming elections in India, theres news about these elections every where in the print media, TV and internet. Internet is full of fans posting pics about political parties trying to expose the rivals. Political parties in India are also spending a lot over advertisement every where.

Now while I was reading the recent post at this blog for teddy bears, I realized that is was a politician behind the popularity of teddy bears. You car refer to this post for more details. Just to summarize in the year 1902, then then president of the United Stated, Mr. Theodore Roosevelt once on a hunting trip refused to shot a bear. Soon after that event a cartoon was published in media and the cartoon become viral. The bear in the cartoon looked very cute and given the popularity it got Morris and Rose Michtom from New York created a soft toy bear and named him Teddy Bear in honor of the president Theodore for not killing the bear.

I wonder had Mr. Theodore been a politician in India and started his own political part, he could have named is Party Teddy Bear party of India and the sign of the political party would be a teddy bear perhaps in tri-color. Now below is my imagination of some teddy bear political parties names and the signs (logos) of those political parties. Kindly take a look:

1. Teddy Bear Party of India

2. Aam Teddy Beary Party - AAP -