Oct 24, 2008

Teddy Bear History: Article from Teddy Bear Factory

Teddy bears are the most popular toys among soft, stuffed toys and are most gifted items among youngsters. But these innocent looking soft teddys were not in existence till 1902. History of Teddy Bears can be traced among two different parts of the world i.e. United States and Germany.

American Story:
The appearance of Teddy Bear gifts in America is linked from the famous cartoon which was drawn by Clifford Berryman. Cartoon was titled "Drawing the Line in Mississippi" and cartoon showed thens President of states Theodore Roosevelt refusing to shoot a baby bear. Cartoon whose image is also published below in The Washington Post (November 16, 1902), became popular overnight and was reprinted in bulk throughout US and other parts of the world. Teddy in the cartoon looked so very cute and sweet that it inspired Morris and Rose Michtom of Brooklyn, New York, to to make a bear. The bear as named "Teddy's Bear" and it was created to honor presidents act of kindness by not shooting a helpless bear. This sweet and innocent looking Teddy bear was huge hit among people that both Michtoms signed up with wholesale firm called Butler Brothers to found the the first teddy bear manufacturing Unit. This first teddy bear manufacturing factory was named Ideal Novelty and Toy Company.

At the same time Teddy bear were also believed to be manufactured, sold ad even exported to US by Richard Steiff and his aunt Margarete Steiff. Richard actually worked for his aunt.

Teddy bears became huge success that time and many teddy bear factories in US faced a tough competition from manufactures in Germany as making soft toys and stuffedd toys was an old practice there.

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