Sep 5, 2012

Wash you teddy bears – Do it yourself teddy bear cleaning

With time all your lovely and cute looking teddy bears start losing the cute looks and become dirty. With you and your friends playing with your teddy all the time, your soft toys tend to get dirty. However apart from playing most of the people also carry their teddy bears and softies toys along while traveling or sleep with them. Thus its very much important to maintain the hygiene and keep your soft toys clean. Please note that you must follow the washing instructions in any attached in the label etc. If there aren’t any particular washing instructions, then you can choose anyone from the points mentioned below. Kindly use these instructions wisely.

Here are some tips to clean your teddy bears /soft toys:

1. Cleaning using cloth: It’s advised to use a soft and clean cloth while cleaning your soft toys. Take
the cloth, dampen it and use gently to remove dirt from the teddy bear. All you need is to gently
rub the teddy fur with the cloth.
2. Dry Cleaning: Perhaps this is the simple best way to keep your stuffed buddy’s neat and clean.
However it can be costlier affair.
3. Hand wash: You can try hand washing as well. Just soak your toys in a bucket, tub or sink filled
with soap water (please use some mild detergent). Wash them using your hands so that all
the dirt gets removed as you do while hand washing your pillows or cloths. Once cleaned dip
and rinse in normal water to take out all the soap from the teddies and allow them to dry in
4. Vacuum cleaning: Alternately if you don’t want to wet the teddy bear, try a vacuum cleaner.
5. Washing machine: You can even wash the teddy bear and other soft toys in a washing machine.
Just make sure you don’t use machine for drying purpose and keep the washing level to normal
or hand wash. Also don’t wash teddy bear along with any other clothes in the machine.
6. Using soft brush: For general and quick cleaning you can use a gentle brush to maintain that shine
of the toy.

I hope you like this article and this will help you in keep your teddy bears clean. Please do send us any feedback you may have. Here are some more tips that can be further helpful:
  • Use perfume or and make your teddy smell nice just like you.
  • Cover them while you are leaving house for long time
  • Don’t put teddy bear and soft toys under heating study lamps etc.
  • Use fabric softener while cleaning
  • Use mild detergents
  • Brush regularly to keep dirt away
  • Protect from heated surface and direct sunlight

Jul 12, 2012

Teddy Bear poems collection

Teddy bears are loved by kids all around the globe and educators all over the world claim that teddy bear and soft toys can be used effectively to educate kids efficiently and effectively.  I think this is the reason there are so many poems, rhymes and songs about teddy bears. Some teddy bears poems, songs and videos and this teddy bear factory blog in the past as well. Those visitors who didn’t get a chance to read those posts or missed them can take a look at the links below:
I today read lots of poems, rhymes and songs about teddy bears and I’ll share the link of some that I liked the most. I hope you’ll enjoy reading the same.
Here is the list of teddy bear songs and poems:

Jul 4, 2012

What is the age of your teddy bear?

Surprised to see the title of this post? If not then you are among the population that still sleeps with a teddy bear or chances are there that you still sleep with your childhood teddy bear.  According to a recent survey by Travelodge it was found that around 33% of adults still sleep with a teddy bear or soft toy of their child hood. Remember the days you hug a teddy bear and fell asleep

Travelodge is a hotel chain in Britain and they surveyed around 6000 people. Here are the highlights of the survey conducted by the team:
  • More than 33% of adults still sleep hugging the childhood teddy bears or soft toys.
  • Population also included men. So it’s not women who love soft toys, men love them too.
  • According to the people participating in the survey sleeping with the teddy bear or a soft way is the best way to end the day.
  • Around 25% men said that teddy bears remind them ho their homes and that’s the main reason they carry the soft toys with them while traveling away from home.
So now let us know the age of your teddy bears and if you still sleep hugging your teddy. Looking for your replies.