Jul 9, 2014

Traveling with teddy bear dilemma – Can I take teddy bear with me on a flight

It’s a difficult many times to take a teddy bear or sort toy with you while you are traveling. Teddies and soft toys normally don’t fit in a suitcase. In case you’ve got a big suitcase even then the soft toys and teddies could consume most of the space and you might not pack all the necessary items you
People normally prefer to take teddy bear along with them while traveling as they make them feel comfortable. Also taking a lovely teddy gifted by someone you love a lot along, helps as you can hug the teddy when you miss your partner. However many times people are confused if they can carry a teddy bear with them to the flight as it might be counted as additional bag and thus should exceed the given quota for handbags. Same questions is asked by a girl at yahoo answers .

Most of the airlines will allow you to carry the teddy however it must not be too big and do not hold it in a bag or polythene etc. The check in staff can count it as additional bag and might not allow to you carry the SOFT toy as it happened with a small girl at Glasgow airport

Here are few things you need to consider:
  • Teddy bear or the soft toys should not be large in size.
  • Don’t pack them in bags, simply hold in hand to avoid soft toy being counted as additional baggage.
  • Call airlines staff and confirm from them in advance about the baggage guidelines
  • Get guidance from other travelers by posting your question at top travel portals. People who already have traveled with teddy bears can guide you better.    

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