Sep 23, 2013

Teddy Bears for Promotions - Promotional Teddy Bear Ideas

Marketing is very much essential, specially when you've so much competition today. One need to promote business everywhere locally, globally and over the internet. Promotional items or say custom printed items help in marketing very well. Many business have been using customized items like pens, diaries, water bottles, Frisbee, t shirts etc. It depends on what is your target audience for finalizing any item that would be used for promotional purpose.

Suppose you have a target audience that have interests in soft toys or teddy bears then you can use promotional teddy bears for advertising your business. A custom printed teddy bears with logo, contact details etc of your business can permanently store your business name/services in the memory of anyone you gave the promotional teddy bear or anyone who gets to see the promotional teddy bears or soft toys.

Its not for marketers only, you can use custom printed teddy bears as gifts as well. E.g. gifting to someone you love. Even custom teddy bears are being used for NGOs and charitable institution to raise funds.

There are many online sites that allow you to customize the teddy bear. They have online interface where you can select the teddy bear, make color selections, message selections etc. and place your order.

Watch the video below for an idea of how easy this task is.

With holiday season approaching it'd be nice if you can research the sites and place an order in advance. 

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  1. This is nice way to promote the business locally. Thanks for sharing these ideas for business promotion. Nice blog!