Apr 14, 2014

Most Expensive Teddy Bear Ever Sold - Luxury Teddy Bears

All of us must have purchased teddy bears a number of times in our lives. Sometimes we purchase a teddy bear for personal collection or to gift it to someone we love. Teddy bears sales are hit during various occasions like Christmas, Halloween, Flag Day. Even many times people purchase teddy bears for promotional purpose as well.

How much does a teddy bear costs you?  If I ask this question to you the answer would from few 100 bucks to maximum few thousand bucks. Non of us would have ever thought a teddy bear could cost higher than this amount. But let me surprise you here, like the luxury watches and luxury cars, the teddy bears also have a luxury section where the luxury teddy bears cost in millions. Yes I' right. There are many brand like Louis Vuitton, Harlequin etc that sell as high as $2 million and even more.

Please take a look at some of the most expensive teddy bears ever sold at this site.


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