Nov 23, 2008

FACTS and TIPS about Teddy Bears

We all love teddy bear and other soft toys,but very few of us know about the history of teddy bears and some other facts and tips about teddy bears. In this post I am posting few facts and tips about teddy bear soft toys that you will find interesting.

No teddy bear in the world is older than 1903.
  • Vintage teddy bears are made of wool mohair.
  • Before World War 1 Teddy bears had boot-button eyes.

  • Glass eyes were first used in 1920's

  • Plastic eyes were first used in 1950's.

  • Vintage teddy bear noses were usually sewn with silk thread.

  • Vintage teddy bear paw pads were generally made from old felt.

  • Early teddy bears were stuffed with hairs from the seed of the silk-cotton and wool commonly known as factory waste.

  • Earlier teddy bears resembled real bears and were less cute looking as of now.

  • In early 1930's velvet was used for foot pads, later foot pads wer being made of leather or plush and plastic also.

  • After World War II teddy bears have shorter arms and flat faces.

  • Pink, green, and blue teddy bears are the most popular teddy colors till date.

  • Cinnamon bears, especially Steiff bears, are less popular as there color fades quickly.

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