Nov 1, 2008

Best Gift ever received: Special gift from special friend


Have a look at the picture of sweet teddy below; this is the best gift I’ve received ever. What makes this gift special is that I’ve received this gift from my one and only best friend :). No doubt in life you meet different people home you count as you friend but its once a lifetime that you got a friend that you can call your best friend, with whom you can share each and every phase of your life, your happiness, your sorrows and everything.

Well I haven’t receiver to much gifts in my life and today its was a special day to get a cute b’day gift in advance. I’ve mentioned above about the gift now its time for writing few things about my friend. Best thing about my friend is that he got a lovely heart, caring nature along with lil anger which is always present there ;). One thing more that whenever I am with my friend I forget my worries and time, It seems like I can spend my whole life in each and every moment I spend be it traveling (in that case I wish that journey never end), talking, chatting or sitting together fighting or in silence. I just wish that those moments continue forever. Currently hen I am writing this post am feeling like I continue writing more and more but it seems hard sometime to express yourself. The reality is that you never need to tell your friend that he/she is so very special to you and how special his/her friendship is for you. Its your friendship that express all.

At last I wish my friend all the very best in life may you achiever each and everything you wish for no matter how hard it may seem to achieve that.

Best wishes,

One thing more that am lucky to get a friend like you and I wish this friendship continues till last breath I take and till my last heart beat.

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