Nov 17, 2008

signs of love : Teddy Bear Factory


Today on my way back from my home I listened to one of my favorite song after around to and half months. You must be wondering how come I listen my favorite song after so long time, here's the thing that I want to point about signs of love. The song I was listening is in one of my all time favorite song and I use to listen it many times in fact everyone at home would stop talking, playing other system, stop the channel where that song is being played. But all of a sudden I stop listening that song in fact i had forgotten this song and while traveling I selected all the songs in my cell phone and suddenly that song started playing then I came to know this was the song I used to listen a lot. I listened the full song.

Actually what happened was my friend has asked me to bring a song and I put my favorite song also but when she listened it for the first time her reaction was like yeh kya song hai plz play the next song. That was the time i had listened to that song prior to today (almost three months I am not sure). Its not that we have different taste of music but sometime she don't like the nasha and sharaab type of songs i listen( now i don;t) but whenever any of those songs play she will just give the headphones to me and say your song is being played listen and give it back when song is finished.

Now that's the sign of true love you not only love the person but also love his like and dislikes.

Now I am worried about one if my friend read this post she will definitely ask about that song and I don;t wanna tell about that dong now ;)

Best wishes,
Teddy Bear Factory

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