Oct 1, 2009

Halloween Teddy Bears - Halloween Gifts

Yes Teddy Bears can be scary too. Halloween day is on October 31 and why not give you Favorite teddy bear to get scary and naught like you. If you don't want go change the looks of you cute teddy bears then why not get some scary yet lovely teddy bears specially for the Halloween. you may have different plans to celebrate the Halloween like watching a horror movie with you loved one, visiting some haunted place, camping out wearing Halloween costumes, telling horrors stories etc your Halloween teddy bear will always be beside you to get. So just enjoy this Halloween with you Halloween teddy bear. Below are few teddy bears that you may choose:

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  1. Wonderful finds here! Also, I made an interesting discovery. Here’s an excerpt from an article I wrote about it this month…
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    Bring Out The YOU In Your Home Decor!
    Bill Blass said, “Style is primarily a matter of instinct.” Decorating takes on a new meaning for each individual. Different tastes in decor mean different furniture, artwork and color palettes. So what is the rule of thumb for making your place zing if it’s not a certain style, pattern, or color?
    Bring out the Y-O-U!
    Make a statement and let your personality shine through! Add your zing to make it pop. Hang something personal on the wall with a few well-chosen accents-bold and beautiful. The trend for decor is becoming more and more personalized.
    Whatever you want to say while decorating, say it with your own individual style. Put it out there for the world to see and don’t look back. Express yourself! When people enter your home they’ll shoot you a complementary smile, knowing it looks and feels sooooo perfectly like you. And no one can do YOU better.
    by T. Miller
    Décor Tips & Quips from AlphabetPIX
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  2. I really like this website!

    A teddy bear is always a cute motive.

    I was just wondering that I might design my own teddy bear Chritmas cards this year.

    I was erching o google forgood websites to print persomalized Christmas card and I found this offer:


    The extrafilm website give a 50 % discunt on personalized greeting cards!

    It's anice bargain for Christmas and also a really good idea for your firneds who love teddys too!