Aug 2, 2011

Teddy Bear Personalized gifts for Friendship Day

So what’s special this Sunday?

No Idea….. Here comes a hint it’s first Sunday for the months of August

Yes you got it right, its friendship day. Friendship day is celebrated world wide on the first Sunday of every August and this time its fall on 7th of August. So you still have 5 days left to get the best friendship day gift for your best friend. If you ask us for a friendship day gift we’ll suggest you to get a personalized teddy bear as a gift got your friend. You can get your message engraved somewhere in the clothes of the teddy bear or any other gadgets etc. One I like the most is the one with message on both front and the back of the teddy bear.

Thus a personalized teddy bear gift makes you friend feel special and also displays your affection, love and care for the friend. Here is another related post

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  1. This Teddy Bear is being developed to act as a robotic companion for the ill, elderly or infirm who are unable to enjoy the presence of real animals, and the benefits this can bring. The idea of the 'Huggable' was born after clinical trials proved that animals can reduce stress levels in patients, but some- due to allergies or local restrictions- are not able, or allowed to have access to such animals.
    Making use of the latest sensate-skin technology, cameras in the eyes, microphones in the ears, wireless technology and data collection techniques, the Teddy Bear has been intelligently designed to respond to touch in the way a real animal would, and then communicate in an appropriate manner.

  2. Personalised Photo Teddy Bear is a unique gift for her child to have picture of his mother in it. Teddy bears are perfect gift for childrens. And you can also give personalised Photo Teddy Bears to someone you love

  3. I like the teddy bear most because it is unique gift for friendship...... i have a website here personalized gifts

  4. I want to send my friend a gift,i hope Teddy Bear is the most attractive and cute.

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  5. Nice article, Teddy Bear is a perfect gift for friendship because it is a soft and lovely toy.