Jan 16, 2011

Celebrate Send a hug day with custom teddy bears

A hug is the best way to express your love to someone you love. January 21 is the "Send a Hug Day" and everyyear millions of people worldwide reach out to friends, family members and loved ones to give a warm hug. This special day is a joy to celebrate with hugs and in case you cannot reach out to your dear freinds, relativres of sweet heart then why not gift them something special that can make them feel you hug. A gift that can match your hug and make other person feel the saem is definitely be a teddy bear. With a teddy bear you can make them feel special and realise than warmth of your hug.

This send a hug day you can order a custom teddy bear with the name/message written on the teddy bear and that says hug me. Wish you all the best and how you enjoy the day.

Here is my send a hug greeting card for you.

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