Nov 24, 2010

Bring A Smile To Your Loved One By Use A Customized Teddy Bear

If you are searching for an enjoyable, special way to proclaim "Be My Valentine" or any expression you want for Valentine's Day, then a Personalized Teddy Bear Gift for Valentine's Day from Funky Bears is exactly what you want to give to someone you love.

You can give your loved one a personalized teddy bear on Valentine's day with a precise custom message that lets your loved one know just how much you care. This gift expresses your feelings.

When you purchase a super soft Teddy Bear, you can choose the color, select a cute hooded top or knitted jumper, and add a little heart and kisses to your special message if you so desire. Using specialised software and a complementary colour, the hooded top or jumper is professionally embroidered. You will then be able to customize a greeting card. The gift will be sent on the same day if ordered by 1pm.

Personalized Teddy Bears have been produced by Paul Lakeman (aka Mr. Bearman) from Jersey in the Channel Islands, Benidorm in Spain, to Blackpool in the UK. He has over twenty years experience and his attention to detail insures the bear will be loved and cherished for years to come.There are many occasions for sending a Teddy Bear, not just Valentine's Day. Because the teddy bears come with your own personalized message, they are ideal for any and all holiday or occasion, from a baby shower to a thank you for a job well done message to Christmas. We really enjoy personalizing the bears in any language, which people often ask about.No matter who this gift is intended for or what the occasion, they will be delighted with a personalized teddy bear that tells them "You're special and I'm thinking of you".Sending these Teddy Bears to friends and family will create a special occasion. Receiving a personalised Teddy Bear is a real day brightener because it shows them how much they matter to you. People with unusual names will think they are great gifts.Rather that wander the tores searching for amazing gifts for an event how about you make a cup of tea log onto Funky Bears and shop to your heats content. This Teddy Bear is made special by your input, so be as creative as you like. Remember that a customized teddy bear is an excellent gift for any recipient on any occasion (e.g. friend's retirement, co-worker's promotion, family birthday, etc.) and a teddy bear will be around a lot longer than a bouquet.


  1. what a great personalized gift idea for my children I've been waiting to find something perfect for them thank you :)

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