Nov 4, 2009

Hug a Bear Day - Hug your Teddy Bears

Do you love your teddy bear, of course answer would be yes, then don't forget to celebrate hug a bear day on November 7. Yes hug all your teddy bears on hug a bear day. Also to make this day more exciting and full of sweet memories Teddy Bear Factory blog is going to post some ideas on how to celebrate hua a bear day.

  • First thing to do is hug all your teddy bears

  • Take pictures of your teddy bears and put them in you mobile and laptop wallpapers

  • Walk with your teddy

  • Throw a party with the code to bring a teddy along

  • Organize teddy bear creating/craf competitions

  • Send greetings to your loved ones, in fact you can also send some love quotes along with grertings. My greeting for you is HERE.

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