May 15, 2009

Teddy bears for decorating a room

Teddy bears are a great asset when it comes to decorating a room and teddy bers become an utmost necessity when room is of a child or teenage girls. Decorating a room with teddy bears is very much easy and takes very less effort. First thing you need to do when decortin a room with teddy bears is decide which teddy bear themes you should choose and also make sure the theme attracts your kids also. Sometime kids may have different teddy bears theme in mind so its better to have there opinion first. Once this is over you can decorate the room with never ending supply of teddy bears and other soft toys.

A benefit of using teddy bears is that it makes the room atmosphere more playful, lovely full of energy and lot friendlier. Also a teddy bear in the room make you feel like a friend is watching you and thus never makes you feel alone in the room. Apart from stuffed teddy bears you can add teddy bear shades for lamps, attached teddy bear painting on the wall, use teddy posters.

Below are few pictures of teddy bear I prefer using for room decoration.

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