Jan 25, 2009

Valentines Day Gift - Top reasons to choose a Teddy Bear

Are you thinking what to gift to your valentine on this Valentine day or what better gift this time. Chocolates, flowers, roses, jars, puzzles and balloons are few common gifts among lovers and usually gifted on each valentine day. In this post I will top reasons to choose teddy bears as valentine day gift this time.
  • Unlike roses and chocolates teddy bears don't disappear in two days.
  • No guilt feeling while snuggling with a valentine day teddy bear as compared to eating box of valentine chocolates.
  • Teddy bear are less expensive as compared to other gifts.
  • Teddy bears are unique gifts as compared to chocolates, flowers etc those are traditional gifts and are not so very much exciting.
  • Your lover can keep the teddy with him/her for a long long time and will always remind of your love for years to come.
  • Your lover can have the teddy bear with him/her at night to remember you by.
  • Personalized teddy bears are also available on the occasion of Valentine day so that you can craft you name, message or favorite love quotes to say to someone special. This will make you valentine feel special and show your love and care.
Below is the pictures of most populate teddy bear wallpapers you can choose from :

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  1. Yeah, nice post, teddy bears are indeed unique gifts...